Busy Buzzy Bees

After a few gigs here and there in the last couple of months (including a great show at the Drunken Poet) The Melways are taking a break until the end of January, when they will be playing at Newstead Folk Festival. The band members will not however be using this time to relax, retreat and find a work/drink/life/study balance. Each of the Melways will be as busy as ever. Lindsey and Brigid will be busy studying for and doing exams and preparing for Lindsey’s solo EP which is starting to be recorded at the end of November. Then Lindsey is jetting  off to Hong Kong for Christmas and New Years to spend some quality time with her Mum. Fingal is busy rehearsing with Rapskallion and The Kill Ya Darlins’ (as well as many other musical pursuits) and has a summer of festivals and performances ahead. Jeremy will be putting on his recording engineers cap and  (finally) wrapping up some exciting long-term projects, then taking off that cap and fanning himself with it all the way back to NZ for some family time. He will also be using the time to concentrate more on his solo career and we can’t wait to hear what he’ll come up with next. 

We will see you all in January, dizzy and delirious, but as ready for a good laugh and a pint as ever.

See you on the other side,


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