It’s Been One Week.

One week on tour in the UK with The Blue Mosquitoes.  That’s one 4 gigs, 3 hostels and two days in the Van.

Our first stop was Camden where we played at a cafe/bar called the Inspiral. It was a beautiful intimate venue with a vegetarian menu. There were large windows overlooking Regents Canal, which we had sailed on a canal barge earlier in the day. Though the stage space was limited and the food was great and the audience very encouraging and supportive.  I don’t think we could have asked fora better first venue and performance.

After a few days exploring the city we travelled from our hostel in Camden to our accommodation in Earls court. There we practise for our second gig at the Troubadour; a performance we were particularly excited about. After a productive rehearsal and sound check we were feeling very excited about the evening ahead. unfortunately when Hannah’s vegan ‘dinner’ (which 40 took mins to arrive and consisted of some carrot sticks and pita bread) arrived things began to go downhill.

Hannah burnt her hand cooking herself a proper meal at the hostel and was in an awful lot of pain without even moving her hand. Still, she played a fabulous set smiling the whole way through and it went over very well despite some rowdy audience members.  Once we’d finished playing we were informed that unless we had specifically brought 15 people into the venue we wouldn’t be paid. Of course, having no knowledge of this and being from Australia our personal audience tally was three people.  It was only through Hayden’s persistence that we got paid at all, as he refused to move until we got the money we’d be promise in previous email communication. Over all we were very disappointed in The Troubadour’s treatment of their artists.

The next day we travelled to Millford-On-Sea a small town on the English Channel. We were lucky enough to arrive in time to play at the wedding of a local couple. The guest were a friendly attentive audience and the Bride and Groom (Caroline and Bruce) danced to our versions of  Till Kingdom Come and Blue Moon. They were very appreciative of the music and we were enjoyed the warm reception. After a brief two hour break we played for the local folk club which when over just as well. We sold a few CD’s and headed for our accommodation in Street. This was a beautiful backpackers surrounded by country landscapes, though we didn’t have long to appreciate the beauty as we arrived after mid-night and left mid morning.

Today we arrived in Priddy for the Priddy Folk Festival. We will be playing a set tonight in their East Water Marquee. We have been put up in the cavers hut, which has a comfortable warm lounge for us to hang out in and a big kitchen. I’m going to go and have a cup of tea before sound-check.

Keep yourselves warm and your instruments tuned,

Love L. X