I’m going. Again. I always seem to be going somewhere.

I’m going to live on Lygon street on Saturday,

I’m going to the National Folk Festival in April,

I’m going on Tour with a friend’s band in the UK in July.

Our new home reminds me of the Cinque Terre in Italy. It has a outdoor corridor leading up to our terracotta tiled steps and everything is light earthy shades. The apartment is light and bright with two balconies, lots of space and our dream kitchen. Everything about this place screams of relaxation and entertainment. It will be a lovely space to host dinner parties, have  casual drinks in the summer and to create. I can see the three of us drinking tea and eating crepes on our balcony, giggling about our latest romantic conquests and discussing which T.V shows are too trashy to record.

A fresh start will be good for all of us.

As for my exciting travel plans, the details are all very vague, but it is all moving along very nicely. I never thought I’d be going back to the UK only 8 months after returning from my last trip.  The Blue Mosquitoes are a great band, there will be lots of music, travel and fun.

Check them out at http://bluemosquitoes.com/